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Mothers affection really does matter....


At M.A.M’s we believe that it is the loving bond, the heart to heart connection in the mother and child’s world, that builds our whole world. Science has now shown that insufficient bonding between mother and child can affect the development of the brain; this in turn will impact how a child comes to view the world, influencing emotional development, which can lead to dysfunctional behaviour later in life. See for reference the work of world renowned Psychologist, Gabor Mate.


Through our work, in becoming calm and safe, women can open up and share their story, knowing that they are loved, they grow in their own understanding and a shift begins to take place which changes their perspective of life. This change is first created on the inside and then replicated without through the creation of community. 


As all mothers connect, healing heart to womb across our world, there will be peace for our children.



Over the last 4 years MAM's has been providing support to the women of Pembrokeshire who have experienced trauma often as a result of domestic abuse or loss. We have offered one to one resourcing and support in groups, providing and building a sense of connection and community. 


Through our work we recognised that what all of the women had experienced was adverse childhood experiences. As a result, they had developed patterns and defence mechanisms that enabled them to survive in the world, yet disenabled them from moving forward in life. Instead patterns were repeating throughout their lives and then being passed onto the next generation.


If you have felt lonely, rejected or abandoned, and sense that life is difficult, or you feel depressed and lack motivation, you do have another choice.

When we are not happy or feeling at peace, there is another way to look at life for, Cariad, a beautiful Welsh word meaning love or sweetheart, reminds us that the secret to inner peace actually lies within our own ‘sweet heart’. After twenty years of feedback, we know that Cariad offers us an alternative, and takes us on a self-enquiry journey that teaches us how to open our hearts. We can feel the Truth that we are always loved unconditionally. The letters of Cariad naturally contain the six stages that reveal our own unique love expression, within the open heart lies a deep mystery and wisdom for unravelling

  1. Compassion flows as we learn to love ourselves, we can look inward for our love source instead of searching outside for the ‘perfect’ person to love us, or the right job or experience. Comfort flows instead from within our own heart.

  2. Arousal is simply energy flowing and an open heart helps us to feel our emotions. Confronted with a massive wave, better to surf it than to be dragged underneath. This way we can ride the wave and harvest our own personal power to evolve.

  3. Reticular- Activating System (RAS) – the voltage within our living human system activates an outer response. We draw matches (through our filter system) that fit our heart’s vibration. Therefore, we create the experiences that we need to grow.

  4. Intuition is our own inner wisdom, coming through, once we can witness our own emotions and their triggers. We realise that we all have a choice in how we respond to our voltage. There are the old beliefs, and ego patterns, or there is heart wisdom; which lights up our higher self, our deeper gnosis can then come on-line.

  5. Alignment with our heart’s wisdom will activate a sense that grace is always surrounding us. A living field of connection, flowing spontaneously with the pulse and rhythm of life versus our separation from love, where we sense disconnection.

  6. Divine knowing breathes us once we are living in connection, we realise that love unites us all. In a live transmission of Cariad, we live as love, for we are the channel, or conduit, through which divinity pulses; this direct awareness hooks us up to the web of life itself.



The Pegasus Fund & the  Wings of Love story provides funding for us to begin the 3rd stage of our work at MAMs and allow women to feel inspired to create their new stories. We have already supported the CHLOE Project and our aim is to continue to empower women to birth their own creative projects.

From the mythical story WINGS OF LOVE we are creating that image of us all 'coming home'. As the two children rise above their ruined city, they are safely lifted on the 'wings of love'. Once we feel safe, then women will stand together and this connection, healing heart to womb, will birth love again. across our world.



Wings Of Love, Book
Pegasus Fund

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Meet The Team

Sara Jane Hunter MAMs Divine Divas

 Working with mothers, her vision is to expand and birth the dream of CARIAD VILLAGE, a healing centre for mothers and their children to rest and heal. Community lies at the heart of the Welsh heritage and cariad is a magical word that means love, charity and affection all in one.

Sara uses her experience as an Adlerian Psychotherapist, Coach and Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner to enable women to identify their trauma ’freeze response’ and learn how them they can, themselves, free this up and move on through with their lives.  

Recognising that a world-wide community to celebrate the joy of motherhood will birth peace into our world, Sara is on her path to enable every child to rest in the arms of their mother and feel loved.  Knowing first-hand the effects of frozen trauma following the loss of her baby sister, Sara deeply connects with mothers in their grief. Knowing the full power of life force shut down, she gently guides women back into their own heart and womb connection. 

In her experience as a Doula, Sara has seen that as more women begin to feel, ‘safe in their bodies,’ they can birth more easily and naturally, thereby creating a new generation of children who feel safe in the world. ‘Domestic abuse or domestic bliss we can change the story in our world when we celebrate the joy of motherhood.’

Sara has fostered many mothers and babies in her own home and knows on a visceral level that journey from fear to safety, having witnessed this profoundly shifting, in her own home, for the women she has had the privilege to work beside. Living within the heart of a family and being immersed into simple loving kindness can have a profound and life changing effect for mothers and their babies’. Sara believes that mothers have the role of loving and nurturing and need fully supporting to enable this to be shared with their children and families.  

Sharon King

Sharon King is an international trainer of Matrix Reimprinting and creator of the Matrix Birth Reimprinting technique and author of Heal Your Birth, Heal Your Life: Tools to Transform Your Birth Experience and Create a Magical New Beginning.


Sharon’s specialty is transforming your experience of giving birth or being born and any trauma associated with conception, pregnancy and birth. She also specialises in working with infertility, supporting women going through IVF and helping to heal the wounds of loosing a baby. Sharon travels the world sharing her knowledge and teaching other practitioners and birth professionals to do the same.


Her training is extensive, with qualifications and experience as a certified practitioner and international trainer of many holistic healing modalities; including Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting and Life Purpose. Sharon’s new workshops include “Getting To The Heart Of Relationships” and working with Parents-to-be to achieve a conscious conception, pregnancy and birth. &

Mark Hunter

Mark has worked extensively within the NHS for most of his career initially as as a Mental Health Nurse before progressing to Middle management and then using his experiences to deliver Leadership & Management courses as a Development Manager.


Mark has also qualified as an Executive Coach, Resilience Coach and massage therapist specialising in stress management.

Mark brings to the team his management experience as well as offering a gentle mans approach to care. 

Meet the team

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