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A wonderful story of hope and love for all ages. A story by Sara Jane Hunter and illustration by Desmond Leeke, this book will fill your heart with joy and can be shared with your children and all children across the World. All funds raised from the book will be donated to the MAMS Pegasus Fund.



From the mythical story WINGS OF LOVE we are creating that image of us all 'coming home'. As the two children rise above their ruined city, they are safely lifted on the 'wings of love'. Once we feel safe, then women will stand together and this connection, healing heart to womb, will birth love again. across our world.


The Wings of Love story provides funding for us to begin the 3rd stage of our work at MAMs and allow women to feel inspired to create their new stories. We have already supported the CHLOE Project and our aim is to continue to empower women to birth their own creative projects.

What happens when we attune, we notice what is around us. A newspaper picture of two small children, sat amidst the ruins of their city. Drawn by the emptiness in their eyes, this short story arrived. WINGS OF LOVE.

This book was born of the creative genius that arrives when we fill with grace and compassion and choose to actively make a difference, by becoming a blessing in the world and choosing love. 

Imagine, all mothers connected heart to womb across the world united in love. If every mother was to feel like a blessing then each child would feeling like a blessing and our world would change overnight.

Wings Of Love

Pre order the book for £7.50 plus £2.50 P&P now by clicking the buy now button. This will take you to the shop for Wings Of Love.

(P&P is for UK only we will advise you of international P&P on Purchase)

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